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Medical Device Class I EU Reg. 745/2017 in compliance with the technical standard EN13795
Medical Device Class I EU Reg. 745/2017 in compliance with the technical standards EN13795 and UNI EN ISO 10993
STANDARD 100 certified raw materials by OEKO-TEX®



Textile solutions

Copratex Srl is part of an important industrial group that boasts several decades of experience in the industrial textile sector.

Copratex offers a wide range of linen products for industrial laundries, from the most common cotton items to the most complex and qualified products in reusable technical fabric for the operating room.

The company was founded in 1990 and occupies owned premises for an extension of over 2,000 square meters mainly dedicated to the storage of textiles and finished products in order to guarantee the customer an efficient and qualified service.


Reusable Technical Fabric

Reusable Technical Fabric (TTR) is an innovative, safe and comfortable textile material, widely used for setting up operating theatres.

It is made up of two types of fabrics: polyester microfibres and trilaminate fabrics.


Wide choice of sizes and colours

All Copratex products can be customized with inserts of different colours to be associated with the size or role of the healthcare staff, so as to streamline the procedure for distributing garments within industrial laundries.

Linen can be customized in sizes, fabrics and prints.